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A native of South America, Pampas grass became very popular throughout Europe and North America as a home decorating 'must have' during the early 1900's. Pampas grass, with its feather like look was also used extensively on women's millinery. This turn of the century favorite is back in the spotlight again as a wonderful decorating accessory.

Not only is Pampas grass a natural product, but when dried naturally as provided by our company, will last for years as a focal point to any room. Tall, bold and beautiful, pampas grass inflorescence make a dramatic statement whether gracing a corner, or as the nucleus of a room.

Pampas grass will brighten and fit with any color or decorating scheme. Pampas grass comes in a natural tawny, off white color. This color is beautiful with any room design. The tall and showy panicles are alluring. Natural pampas grass becomes a truly beautiful focal point, evoking a bit of a tropical look and an exotic feel to a room.

Pick from our buttons which size you would like to receive and we will find the best that nature has to offer you. Our pampas grass are 100% guaranteed to be beautiful and eye catching.

All Pampas Grass Cleaned & Inspected to Ensure Perfection

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Dyed Grass - Dacitello
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Dyed Grass - Dacitello Grain

Dyed Grass - Dacitello Grain
These dyed grasses are to die for.  They are amazing colors and so bright it will excite the eye of every viewer.  Use a little for a little excitement and a lot for a bold look.  Dacitello has a grass or grain like head and a straw flower like bottom.  These dyed grasses are like nothing else you have worked with and you will love the them.  We guarantee it.

Product: Dyed Grass - Dacitello Grain
Amount: 3-4 oz bunch
Colors (Front and Clockwise): Chartreuse, Red, Orange,Yellow, Rust, Royal Blue, Emerald Green.
Length: 18-20 inches
Case Option: Buy a case of 20 Dyed Grass and Save Even More!

Dyed Grass - Dacitello Grain Details

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We have the best so don't settle for anything less. We hand pick, clean, and inspect all our pampas grass. They are perfect for pampas grass corner pieces, wall arrangements, Christmas decorations, fall decorations and so much more.


Watch almost any movie with a house and you will see pampas grass by the entry way. Pampas Grass looks great in the movies and it will look great in your home. Pampas grass helps your home look finished and authentic in the minds of guests. They will love to look at them.


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